Welcome to www.johnfromarran.org.uk. I am tinkering with several theatre related projects at present, including a remote controlled pantomime clock, an intelligent cue light system and a Tecpro/Stonewood compatible comms box. Whether any of these will ever see the light of day is open to question. The project I most recently finished was a DIY Kabuki drop for a school show. Prior to that I built a set of four "Mind Control Helmets" for the schools' version of "We Will Rock You". I thought these might be of interest to anyone involved in a production of this show.

You can find some help on how to build any of the completed projects by following the links at the bottom of this page.

Several years ago I built a flickering campfire effect for the world premiere of "Sleeping Warrior", a play about St. Molaise. This play was written, produced and performed to full houses exclusively on Arran and has never been seen anywhere else. The help pages on how to build a campfire effect may arrive here one day.

Update - November 2013

The Tecpro/Stonewood compatible comms system has finally seen the light of day. You can find all the information (schematics, parts lists & Gerber files for PCBs on the Blue-Room theatre forum.

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